Women Physicians in Christ

A Ministry of Christian Medical & Dental Associations

Rochester Women Physicians in Christ

Women Physicians in Christ is an outreach ministry of CMDA to provide resources for Christian women physicians and dentists to integrate their personal, professional and spiritual lives. We encourage and support Christian women and physicians as we share the unique challenges of our multiple roles.

A group has started in Rochester under the leadership of Drs. Heather Ma and Christine Borghi-Cavallaro that meets on the first Friday of each month at 8 pm at Heather’s home, 23 Mill Neck Lane, Pittsford. If you’re interested please email either Heather or Chris.

Note: Arriving late is better than not attending at all!

WPC Ministries

Why would the women physicians of CMDA need WPC (formerly named Women in Medicine and Dentistry or WIMD)? The same reason that people joke about women going to the bathroom in groups — relationships. It is often said by WPCers that WPC is the only place where all aspects of their lives are understood. “My church friends understand my faith, my colleagues understand the challenges of medicine, and my girlfriends understand my womanhood, but only my sisters in WIMD understand and love all of who God called me to be — a Christian woman physician.” This concept is incorporated in the vision statement of WPC: To be the key resource for Christian women physicians and dentists in integrating their personal, professional, and spiritual lives.

In the early 1990s when the CMDS board created an ad-hoc committee for Women in Medicine & Dentistry (WIMD), 40 percent of medical students were women, and CMDS had 1,300 women doctors. Last year, 48.3 percent of the medical doctorates awarded were to women. These 8,133 female graduates represent the largest number of women earning a doctorate in medicine of any national graduating class to date. Now CMDA has over 4,000 graduate women physician members, comprising 38 percent of the membership. Thus, since CMDA’s vision is “Changing Hearts in Healthcare,” the WPC Commission believes that reaching the hearts of women physicians is essential.

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