Breakfast Energizes Members

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Dr. Jeff Harp has been traveling with with an international medical team to Haiti every 18 months for the past 2 decades, doing community building through a church and orphanage in Port-au-Prince. After speaking to the 45 MCCF members who attended this morning’s annual Missions Breakfast about their experiences, the current crisis in Haiti, and relief efforts underway, several of our members are becoming energized to become personally involved.

Dr. Harp and his wife Ellen will be flying with Lynx Air into Cape Haitian on the north coast later this week (1/29 or 30) and then traveling overland 3-4 hours with at team of 12 on a special mission of relief where they will be serving victims who have taken refuge on the church/orphanage grounds. Please pray for supplies, wisdom, flexibility, and discernment about details.

Dr. Mike McMullen will be leaving with Medical Missions International for Haiti by way of the Dominican Republic on February 13 and working with a team at a hospital on the border that is offering earthquake refugee relief.

And, in response to a flyer circulated at the breakfast, Dr. Bruce Thompson is applying to become part of a Global Health Outreach team to Haiti, sponsored by the Christian Medical and Dental Association, that will be leaving in mid-March.

If you know of other members who have become involved in Haiti relief, please let us know so that we can be communicating about their needs and activities.

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