Chase Miller in Kijabe

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Chase Miller in Kijabe

Praise God I arrived safely

in Kijabe Kenya on October 1 with uneventful travels. I did get stopped at the border and searched. I was sternly told that even donations are now taxed. But God was gracious and we were able to pass through without extra Tarif. Please pray Jimmy is as fortunate. He begins travels on Sunday.

My first week was at AIC Cure Hospital doing cleft lip and palate surgeries. We had a small team of eleven with 4 surgeons. What a privilege to be involved in a such a transformative surgery. The children are precious in God’s eyes and yet the world would say they are cursed. Well God turned a curse into a blessing 29 times in one week! We saw children from near and far. One family came from eleven hours away in a Somalian refugee camp in northwest Kenya. Mother had her bilateral cleft lip repaired at age 8 in this same hospital. She brought her 3 year old boy for repair.

One of the biggest joys this week was to be involved in bringing the baby to mom after surgery. It is a powerful moment when mom sees her baby for the first time again. It is like a second birth when she lays eyes on her transformed baby. We left the week grateful for all God did. He brought many from far and near. He transformed lives with a visible change that declares his Majesty and Glory. These children are blessed and wonderfully made: Psalm 139:14 “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

I am off to Tenwek now for 3 weeks. Please pray for restoration this weekend before I start up again on Monday.

Thank you for your faithful prayers,

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