Clara in Ethiopia!

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Clara in Ethiopia!

Dear Family and Friends,

All that the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never cast out. {John 6:37}

Thank you all for praying for Ethiopia and me over the last couple months. What a journey that God is using to teach me both about Himself and who I am. He is a good Father. These indispensable lessons I hope to share with you in person one day.┬áBecause the security situation showed significant improvement, at the end of January, my school allowed me to return to Addis Ababa! I’m absolutely thrilled to be back, to resume the relationships and the work started last fall. Click here for a video of some beautiful worship!

Thanks be to God, it’s been an easy adjustment back the second time around. I’m grateful to continue working with my mentor, helping him in his research and work, as well as spending time with his family and the community within the hospital. I even got to go on an overnight trekking trip to a beautiful place outside the city.

Prayer requests:
1. Please pray for Ethiopia, for all to live in peace together, for those who are without food or home or medical help to receive these quickly.
2. How to best use my limited time here (about 4 months) in a way that honors God. It feels like there is so much to do or that I can do (you likely can relate?): Relationships to build. Data to collect. Papers to write. Patients to see. People and places to visit. All I know is my life is His and I want to submit to God. May my actions follow my prayer.

Love in Jesus,

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