Completing Your Call

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Dear CMDA Leaders,
As leaders within your communities or campuses, you, more than most, have felt God’s tug on your lives. CMDA is also holding a special distance learning course through the Paul Tournier Institute for a few doctors who want to explore much more deeply God’s call into ministry. This is an 18 month course that we are offering only to leaders. It will require time of reading, projects, conference calls, and three residency weekends. The course will begin on January 1, 2007 with the book, The Question of God, by Dr. Armand Nicholi, followed by a telephone discussion with him, followed by a weekend exploring truth with Dr. John Patrick in Bristol in February. We anticipate accepting about twenty participants every two years. Click here for a full course outline.
If God is leading you in this direction, please reply to me with your contact phone numbers and times to call. I will call you and we can move you in the direction God is leading.
In Christ alone,
Al Weir , MD, Director of Campus and Community Ministries, CMDA

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