Missions Updates

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Missions Updates

Two Missionary Updates

TheĀ  Millers in Africa

After a 14-hour flight, Chase and Jimmy Miller arrived in Nairobi, Kenya with their son Isaiah on July 25 and passed through customs without any hold up. They’ve been very busy at Kenwek since then. Check out the details on their blog here and their final report here!

Clara Pak going to Ethiopia

Clara has just finished her 3rd year at URMC and is planning to take a year off before her last year in medical school to do missionary work in Addis Ababa with a seasoned missionary ophthalmologist, Dr. Kempen. Click here for more info. Clara is asking for our prayers for:

  1. Her Board exam on August 12
  2. Final school approval for travel to Ethiopia
  3. Political turmoil and visa delays in Ethiopia
  4. Penetration of the Gospel in Ethiopia

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