Mission and Ministry

opportunities both at home and abroad

We encourage our members

not only to integrate ministry in their everyday practices but to participate in short-term missions, both at home and abroad. Here’s a list of some of the larger organizations that support medical missions (please let us know about other opportunities):

Past Breakfasts and Gatherings

At least once a year we devote our regular community gathering to presentations of mission and ministry, several of which have been gathered over the years below:

1/23/21 Zoom Missions Meeting

1/25/20 Missions Presentations

10/19/19 Fall Breakfast Presentations

2/2/19 Missions Presentations

10/27/18 MCCF Breakfast

8/25/18 “Faith in Healthcare” Retreat

  • Dr. David Holmes – Evidence Based Faith in Healthcare: Prayer First. Then Action

1/27/18 Missions Presentations

11/11/17 “Heroin, Hope and Healing”

1/21/17 Missions Presentations

1/23/16 Missions Presentations

10/17/15 Rochester Regional Conference Presentations

1/24/15 Missions Presentations

  • Chris Campbell – Jericho Road CHC in Sierra Leone
  • Dr. Ellen Dailor – Shisong Hospital, Cameroon
  • Dr. Ethan Helm – Memorial Christian Hospital, Bangladesh
  • Dr. David Hough – Tansen Mission Hospital, Nepal

10/18/14 Inspirational Presentation

1/25/14 Missions Presentations

1/26/13 Missions Presentations

2/4/12 Missions Presentations

1/24/09 Missions Presentations

4/26/08 Missions Presentation

2/10/07 Missions Presentation

9/25-27/06 Caring for the Whole Person Conference