Mission and Ministry

opportunities both at home and abroad

We encourage our members

not only to integrate ministry in their everyday practices but to participate in short-term missions, both at home and abroad. Here’s a list of some of the larger organizations that support medical missions (please let us know about other opportunities):

Past Breakfasts and Gatherings

At least once a year we devote our regular community gathering to presentations of mission and ministry, several of which have been gathered over the years below:

1/27/24 Missions Presentations

1/28/23 Missions Presentations

1/29/22 Zoom Missions Meeting

  • Zoom session (with 4 out of 5 presentations recorded) – Our gathering opened with prayer and introductions, then started off with Ethan and Elizabeth Helm sharing live from Cambodia. Unfortunately our video of the Zoom meeting wasn’t started until the following presentations by Patrick and Janelle Carbary reporting about Bolivia, Chase Miller sharing her work in Kenya, Jerry and Adelaide Svoboda also in Kenya, and David Ness live from Mexico.

1/23/21 Zoom Missions Meeting

1/25/20 Missions Presentations

10/19/19 Fall Breakfast Presentations

2/2/19 Missions Presentations

10/27/18 MCCF Breakfast

8/25/18 “Faith in Healthcare” Retreat

  • Dr. David Holmes – Evidence Based Faith in Healthcare: Prayer First. Then Action

1/27/18 Missions Presentations

11/11/17 “Heroin, Hope and Healing”

1/21/17 Missions Presentations

1/23/16 Missions Presentations

10/17/15 Rochester Regional Conference Presentations

1/24/15 Missions Presentations

  • Chris Campbell – Jericho Road CHC in Sierra Leone
  • Dr. Ellen Dailor – Shisong Hospital, Cameroon
  • Dr. Ethan Helm – Memorial Christian Hospital, Bangladesh
  • Dr. David Hough – Tansen Mission Hospital, Nepal

10/18/14 Inspirational Presentation

1/25/14 Missions Presentations

1/26/13 Missions Presentations

2/4/12 Missions Presentations

1/24/09 Missions Presentations

4/26/08 Missions Presentation

2/10/07 Missions Presentation

9/25-27/06 Caring for the Whole Person Conference